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You will have received a map showing the area around where you live that is proposed for a 20mph speed limit - we'd like your views on this proposal

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1. To what extent do you feel traffic speed is a problem in your area in terms of ...

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  Quality of life          
2. How do you feel about having a 20mph speed limit in your area?

If residents do support a 20mph limit,
we will plan a campaign to make people aware of the change.
3. If you were willing to take part in such a campaign, which of the following would you be interested in receiving?

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  Yes   Not interested  
  Wheelie Bin Stickers    
  Window / Car Stickers    

If the 20mph limit goes ahead and traffic speed becomes a concern,
a community speed watch programme could be set up which would require community volunteers.
4. Would you be prepared to take part?

To ensure that only residents in your area have taken part, please give us the following details

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